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Fisherman’s Eggs

Our growing Pinn’s Plate family has seen a few changes around the household. Less time to eat out and less time to prep meals at home. That’s forced us to look carefully at the things in our pantry and immediate grocery stores and come up with creative and tasty ideas. Fisherman’s Eggs is one of those dishes that hits the spot for any time of day with a hearty and flavorful protein packed bite.


Collaboration Kitchen – Kat Humphus

Collaboration Kitchen is the most fun foodie event that most have never heard of! Some of the region’s best chefs are hosted at Catalina Offshore Products where a fish warehouse is transformed into a cooking stage for the night. Some past events we’ve been at included Chef Celebration, and Miguel Valdez. Tonight was all about Kat Humphus from Savory Made… Continue reading Collaboration Kitchen – Kat Humphus

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Pacific Standard Coastal Kitchen – San Diego native food at its best

When you think about San Diego food what immediately comes to mind is all of the different types of world cuisine spread out over a diverse and sprawling city. However, what’s not immediately apparent is what native San Diego food is all about. In essence, the coastal region is exemplified by superb seafood and vibrant… Continue reading Pacific Standard Coastal Kitchen – San Diego native food at its best

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Sambal- a Spicy Garlic kick

What do you do when you’re given a bunch of different chili peppers and don’t know how to use or keep them? Make a Sambal! This is a commonly found asian hot sauce used to accompany all sort of meat, seafoot and veggie dishes. The best part of a Sambal is that it’s easy it is… Continue reading Sambal- a Spicy Garlic kick

Eating Out · Mediterranean

Crudo – A Grand Opening Celebration

Just a few days after the soft opening of Chef Pascal Lorange’s newest concept, Crudo by Pascal Lorange, we were welcomed to the grand opening party! For those who haven’t heard about Chef Pascal, he recently moved to San Diego from New York to launch this new concept. He launched his culinary career in some… Continue reading Crudo – A Grand Opening Celebration


Ratatouille Confit Byaldi

If you’ve seen the Pixar movie Ratatouille, you’ll witness not only one of the cutest animated movies around, but a beautiful take on French food that features one perfect dish of Ratatouille…It’s a lot of work, but one of the most rewarding and delicious dishes we’ve done!

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Asian Quinoa Salad

Most of you have seen a million bland and boring quinoa recipes, boasting this and that and delivering little in flavor, texture and excitement. Here’s a recipe that combines fresh produce, great crunch lots of colors and is packed with flavor!