About Us


Welcome to Pinn’s Plate, the site about making and eating easy food at home. We enjoy preparing and sharing a variety of foods presented in simple, easy to understand steps. We have a passion for cooking together in our home. You’ll find some of our favorites, such as sushi, Mexican, Italian, and other new dishes and flavors we try along the way. Come cook with us and appreciate different foods in a way that convert even the pickiest of eaters.

Our Story

IMG_0658Amy and Jarred Pinn live in San Diego, California and have been making and eating exciting food together since 2010. Together, we have explored world cuisine from American to Italian, Japanese to Mexican, and South African to Thai. Our food has also introduced us to amazing people in the local food world that we will be sharing with you. Together, we will show how easy it can be to bring great food into your own home.

After a long break we are back! The Pinn’s Plate family is now 3 with the birth of our daughter Lilly in February 2017. She can’t wait to be a part of our foodie adventures at home and abroad.  

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