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Pacific Standard Coastal Kitchen – San Diego native food at its best

When you think about San Diego food what immediately comes to mind is all of the different types of world cuisine spread out over a diverse and sprawling city. However, what’s not immediately apparent is what native San Diego food is all about. In essence, the coastal region is exemplified by superb seafood and vibrant… Continue reading Pacific Standard Coastal Kitchen – San Diego native food at its best

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Crudo – A Grand Opening Celebration

Just a few days after the soft opening of Chef Pascal Lorange’s newest concept, Crudo by Pascal Lorange, we were welcomed to the grand opening party! For those who haven’t heard about Chef Pascal, he recently moved to San Diego from New York to launch this new concept. He launched his culinary career in some… Continue reading Crudo – A Grand Opening Celebration

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We first caught word of The Rodent, a sushi joint with a crazy name, from Tommy at Catalina Offshore Products about three years ago. Back then it was a small bar that branched off of Bull Taco and barely had a sign out front saying Sushi. Somehow in a tiny bar with a fryer and hot plate… Continue reading WRENCH & RODENT SEABASSTROPUB

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Saiko Sushi

We met Anthony Pascale of Saiko Sushi back at Collaboration Kitchen – Sushi and knew his restaurant would be a great one to check out. The drive over to Saiko Sushi in Coronado was beautiful, going over the Coronado bridge gives spectacular views of the downtown skyline and San Diego Harbor. When we arrived Anthony was waiting for us, and… Continue reading Saiko Sushi