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Fisherman’s Eggs

Our growing Pinn’s Plate family has seen a few changes around the household. Less time to eat out and less time to prep meals at home. That’s forced us to look carefully at the things in our pantry and immediate grocery stores and come up with creative and tasty ideas. Fisherman’s Eggs is one of those dishes that hits the spot for any time of day with a hearty and flavorful protein packed bite.


Collaboration Kitchen – Kat Humphus

Collaboration Kitchen is the most fun foodie event that most have never heard of! Some of the region’s best chefs are hosted at Catalina Offshore Products where a fish warehouse is transformed into a cooking stage for the night. Some past events we’ve been at included Chef Celebration, and Miguel Valdez. Tonight was all about Kat Humphus from Savory Made… Continue reading Collaboration Kitchen – Kat Humphus


Tommy’s Opah Chili

If you’ve been lucky enough to walk into Catalina Offshore Products when Tommy is making Chili, then you already know how this is going to turn out. For the rest of you, this Opah Chili is not only easy to make, but incredibly tasty! The recipe starts with a 5 pound package of ground Opah Tri-Tip. The… Continue reading Tommy’s Opah Chili

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Jicama fish tacos

Few things are more representative of southern California than the fish taco. There are so many variation from beer battered and fried, to grilled, with an endless amount of toppings. One thing is always a staple, a great fish taco starts with great fish.