French Toast

When there is leftover challah bread and you’re looking for an easy to make breakfast, a simple french toast is only minutes away.


Tofu Stirfry over Quinoa

Some of our favorite things to make are quick dinners that are perfect for two people, plus some leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch. Our vegetable stir fry over quinoa is the perfect thing for a delicious and flavorful dinner, without too much work. We’ll start by prepping all of our ingredients before we begin cooking. This… Continue reading Tofu Stirfry over Quinoa



Chopped Chicken Salad

     During the week, there are few things that are more of a favorite staple lunch than our chopped chicken salad. It has tons of great flavors, textures, and enough substance to fill you up for hours. We start by chopping the lettuce. Romaine heads are perfect and add lots of crunch to your salad.… Continue reading Chopped Chicken Salad


Sushi Part II

In Sushi Part I we walked through how to prepare sushi rice and how to select your fish. The next step to making sushi is taking our fish and cutting it into managable sections, followed by individual slices. The fish we use here are: Bigeye Tuna, Baja Hiramasa Yellowtail, Scottish Salmon, and wild caught Albacore. First we… Continue reading Sushi Part II

Sides · Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Cornbread Stuffing

With thanksgiving at hand there are so many fantastic things to put on your table. While the turkey will always be the main attraction, the sides leave so much room to shine on their own. We thought we would share what’s become a favorite of ours. Our cornbread stuffing is loaded with sausage, sautéed vegetables… Continue reading Thanksgiving Cornbread Stuffing


Sushi Part I

Sushi has got to be our hands-down favorite food! It has the perfect combination of delicate fish, crisp vegetables, and the umami savory flavors of soy and nori. To make your own sushi you’ll need to get a few basic tools, and of course some great fish. Let’s begin by talking about your sushi making… Continue reading Sushi Part I


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mexican food

Chicken Fajitas

Fajitas are some of the simplest yet tasty things you can cook in your home. You get delicious Mexican flavors of spices that pair so well with slightly charred peppers and onions.